Coronavirus | Separating the Facts From The Myths


Unless you have been living under a rock or on another planet, you will have heard and/or certainly been affected by the coronavirus.

The main question now ask by many is, when will the impact of the virus be over, which we will come to later.

First, you need to get an fundamental understanding of the coronavirus. The article below will help you separate the facts from myths as well and the tabloid sensationalism….

What is coronavirus – and what is the mortality rate?

The Covid-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that made the jump from animals to humans late last year. Unusually for a virus that has made the jump from one species to another, it appears to transmit effectively in humans. The virus also appears to have a higher mortality rate than common illnesses such as seasonal flu. The combination of coronavirus’s ability to spread and cause serious illness has prompted many countries, including the UK, to introduce or plan extensive public health measures aimed at containing and limiting the impact of the epidemic.

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Whilst the article above gives an indication on the need for the current, what would seem, extreme measures being implemented in a bid to slow down the rate of infection, the video below explains how the simple action of washing your hands does in-fact reduce the probability of person to person transfer of the virus…

How Does Soap Kill the Coronavirus – Washing Your Hands



Apart from ‘what causes the coronavirus’ and ‘when will it end’, there are many, many more questions associated with the current spread and effect on our everyday lives including, effects on other family members, how the lockdown may affect your job, or worst still, what to do if you lose your job, plus anxiety caused by recent crashed in the global stock markets.

The next article tries to cover some of the wider aspects and concerns being asked by the general public, again stripping fact from fiction and media hype…

Here are the answers to your coronavirus questions

Dr. Asim Shah, professor and executive vice chair of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, stopped by ABC13 on March 13 to discuss all-things coronavirus, especially when it comes to subduing anxieties and preventing panic.

You can see Dr. Shah’s entire interview with ABC13 in the video here.

Dr Asim Shah does and excellent job answering such a wide array of questions from the general public.

But is there any other way you could help you and your family reduce the risk of catching the coronavirus?

According to Cara of Health Home and Happiness, there are. She advises the boosting your immune system via what you eat and minor lifestyle adjustments….every little bit helps I guess. Here’s what she has to say….

“Coronavirus Immune Boosting Precautions

Coronavirus… I did a YouTube Live on my thoughts on it, you can view that here. In that contains all the immune-boosting things I do for my family all school year, and this time is no exception.

Immunity boosting priorities:

Everyone gets enough sleep. This is #1 for us, and partially because tired kids don’t eat healthy food, and tired kids require more of my energy and I’m less likely to provide healthy food. To improve sleep we use tart cherry juice, along with good sleep hygiene and also address gut health issues.

We have non-negotiable bedtimes. It’s a priority for our family, and when we let our kids stay up a few times a year we pay both in lowered immunity and behavior issues.”

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Healthy eating lifestyle

Whilst it must be said that the advice Cara give is aimed at improving your immunity much of which has solid thinking  and logic behind it, none of her precautions are proven to stop you from contracting the coronavirus but every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, follow the news updates #staysafe and for the time being (at the time of writing) #stayhome

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