Coronavirus: Lockdowns and Staying Fit At Home

Exercise at home

As the first Bank holiday approaches many countries are caught in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many governments are around the globe are attempting to slow the spread of this potentially lethal virus by imposing lockdowns and ordering the general public to ‘stay indoors’.

However, as temperature rise the request is being increasingly ignored. Governments are threatening to get tough about outdoor activity.

Coronavirus: Exercise out of the home ‘could be banned’ if people flout rules

“Exercise outside the home could be banned if people ignore coronavirus social distancing rules, the health secretary has warned.

Matt Hancock told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that the government would “take action” if needed to control the virus.

It comes after reports of groups of people gathering in parks during sunny weather this weekend. “

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For those of you who were stuck for a workout routine, the quick 20 minute exercise session should give you a good example of what can be done or better still , have a workout to follow along to.

For those of you who are a little limited on space or think you need special clothing and equipment, the 2 article below demonstrate that a range of exercises can still be done in a space a small as a prison cell!

“Fit in my 40s: you may not be able to swing a cat, but you can still shape up at home | Zoe Williams”

“Forget fancy kit. This is all you need to emerge from self-isolation fighting fit

It feels like being in prison, because it is like being in prison; and all over the world, people are asking: how do you stay fit when you’re confined to the house?

This is assuming you don’t already have, or want to buy, a load of equipment. (Although if you do want something cheap and incredibly useful, get some resistance bands.)

You don’t need any stuff to get fit – no weights, no benches, definitely no fancy trainers. And you can aim high.

Theoretically, you could wake up in four months’ time looking like a creature of myth, a man or woman who has been cursed with the upper body of a bullock. That may not be what you want, of course, and if you notice it happening, stop the calisthenics and concentrate on star jumps.”

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To quote Zoe Williams in the previous article, “It feels like being in prison, because it is like being in prison“.

It certainly does for the ex-prisoner who managed to put together an exercise routine whilst in his prison cell.

“Fitness tips: three exercises to do in a confined space

An ex-prisoner shows how to exercise when your freedom of movement is curtailed

A “cell workout” uses bodyweight resistance training that can be done in a small space: 6ft x 8ft is more than enough. (I developed these exercises while in a cell at Pentonville prison.)”

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After a long cold and dark winter, spring bring relative warmth and sunshine allowing the people of Sweden to enjoy some recreation outdoors.

This has led to the country having a rather maverick approach to combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus

“Coronavirus: How Sweden is battling the COVID-19 with its “work under responsibility” motto

The COVID-19 hit the world from nowhere, or did it? After SARS, which started at the end of 2002, I think everyone travelling has some sort of understanding that this can happen, and likely would happen again.


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Compared to the novel coronavirus, SARS was rather mild but scary enough.

The world today is very different than it was in 2002-03. Globalism had not become the new normal – neither for business nor for the tourist. Flying in Europe or India today is as easy as taking a bus.”

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At the time or writing only time will tell if a lockdown combined with social distancing or in Sweden’s case no lockdown will combat the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

Meanwhile, will those who a stuck at home be able to adhere to the requests of their ruling governments to continue to take refuge at home even when the sun is shining during the Easter break.

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