About Us

For many years I have chose to eat a 'good diet', which I suppose stems from my Mum's fabulous home cooking and baking, which was not aways 'healthy' but not junk processed food.

However, I came to realise, especially during the pandemic, that healthy is much more that just what we eat. Plus, a diet is not just about losing weight. For example I have elevated blood pressure, so my diet is a low salt diet, but if you had pre-diabetes it would be a good idea to target a low sugar diet etc.

I noticed many other factors affect our health, and that is, our lifestyle is the major factor. 

An active body through exercise in all forms including the less obvious activities e.g. gardening.

How you feel about you. Well-being, self esteem, stress, anxiety, can all have a negative impact on your mental health, which is part of being healthy.

Hence, here at 'New Healthy Lifestyles' we aim to include and go far beyond 'how to lose weight'. In a hope to include the wide variety of subjects that will help you to develop a healthier life style.