Can you name the top 12 worst junk foods?

Can you name the top 12 worst junk foods?

Think you can name the top 12 worst junk foods? One thing is for sure, if you cannot do it your chances of eating these foods is probably pretty high. In fact, here’s a good test of your “chances of slimming down” over the next 12 months.

If you can say you haven’t eaten at least 6 out of 12 of these foods in the last month then you are doing better than 95 percent of the rest of the people around you (you only need to visit a food court to see how true this is!)

By the way, I ripped this list of the top 12 worst foods right out of Carolyn’s book “21 Days To Healthy Eating”:

Healthy eating lifestyle


But don’t worry, she assured me that I can spread the message far and wide because there is nothing to be gained withholding this kind of information. So here it is, her list from page 35 of “21 Days To Healthy Eating”:


1. Ice cream and frozen ‘treats’

Very high in sugar and fat with very little nutritional content and and hence, sky high in calories.



2. ‘Fizzy’ drinks, energy drinks and soda soda high sugar drinks

1. Carbonated fizzy drinks high in refined sugar and hence, calories very high glycemic index causing high spike in blood sugar and subsequent ‘dump’….leading to weight gain.


3. Candy and sweets

high sugar junk food high in calories

The solid version of fizzy drinks! High in refined sugar and hence, relatively high in calories and devastating to your glycemic index causing high spike in blood sugar and subsequent sugar ‘dump’ leaving you craving for more! 


4. Hot dogs, fast food burgers

Junk food hot dogs, burgers, pizzaHigh fat, high in salt and low in nutrition and available everywhere! Seen as the staple of the western diet, also very well documented in causing a number of serious health issues via obesity.


5. Cookies, biscuits, cakes

fattening junk food cakes biscuitsWhilst not quite as bad as sweets, candy and ice-cream, cookies, cakes and biscuits are again high in refined sugar, which is a type of carbohydrate (a bad one). They also have flour or wheat-flour, which again is refined and hence, falls into the bad carbohydrate category, the type that leads to weight gain as well as having low nutritional content.


6. Potato ‘chips’ and other man made snacks

potato chips and man made snacks

High in saturated fats low in nutrition and fibre. Can also be high in salt! Chips/Crisps in particular are also high in calories



7. Fruit drinks and packet fruit drink mixes

Cartoned fruit juice

Whilst nowhere near as bad as a fizzy drink. The argument here is the high concentration of fruit sugar (for the best product that are made from pure fruit without additives) consumed in one glassful. I must say this is quite a strict view.

8. Doughnuts and pastries 

High fat High sugar pastries

You won’t be surprised when I say these products are very high in refined sugar, high in saturated fats bad carbohydrates low in fiber, as well as having low nutritional value….. eat as a treat every now and then.



9. White bread and buns

low fibre simple carbohydrates

White bread is low in the super important fibre, low in nutrients, has added refined sugar and hence, and high GI.



10. Sausage and luncheon ‘meats’

Processed Meats

High in saturated fat and salt





11. Processed meats such as chicken ‘nuggets’

Processed meat product

Ultra processed food….well documented for its negative effects on long term health.





12. Sugar laden breakfast cereals that pretend to be healthy

Non Healthy breakfast cereals

Many parents and healthy eating converts are are often tricked into thinking they are eating a healthy cereal breakfast. BUT not all cereal breakfast are the same due to the added ….. you guest it, sugar. It comes in different forms that sound very inviting for example syrup, sorry golden syrup or ‘maple syrup’.

A quote form Wikipedia, “a condiment that is a thick, viscous liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water, containing a large amount of dissolved sugars ….Basically, go for a unsweetened muesli or better still oats with real real berries and a non-dairy milk.

How Did You Score?

So go ahead and tick off all the ones you have not eaten in the last 30 days. If you managed to place 6 or more ticks then you are doing great. If not, keep reading, because your prospects of losing weight over the next year are not good.

The problem with most of these foods is that they are high in simple carbohydrates which means that they are quickly broken down by your body and converted to blood sugar. The result is that the excess of blood sugar in your system is rapidly converted into fat, usually swelling the size of your waistline.

Other junk foods on the list are high in hydrogenated fats, like trans fats, which make your food tasty but do real damage to your arteries and put you in line for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Trans fats are responsible for perhaps 30,000 early deaths every year in the United States alone.

How To Extend Your Lifespan

Healthy eating lifestyle

If you want to live longer than the average lifespan, and particularly if you are already at or past the halfway mark (which would make you around 40 years of age, or higher) it is DEFINITELY time to be pro active and educate yourself about the quality of the foods you are eating and the consequences of eating not only food that clearly falls into the category of junk foods, but all the common processed foods that line your supermarket shelves.

Processed foods probably do as much damage, or more, than junk foods do, given that they tend to get a “pass” by most people and routinely end up on our dinner plates.

Well, if you think the average food item delivered from a package, whether it be from a can, a pouch, or a plastic or glass container of some type, is good for you, well… you need to think again.

If a food is not recognisable as something that has been plucked off a plant, dug out of the ground, or taken as unprocessed meat from a farm animal, then odds are very high that you will not be doing your body a favor by eating it.

So how did I fare on the little test I gave you above? I failed.

But after reading Carolyn’s book “21 Days To Healthy Eating” I have a lot better appreciation of the subject of healthy eating and I fully expect that in a month or two (after I have worked to eliminate most of the foods on that list) I won’t ever fail the test again.

If you want to join me and increase your odds of not only passing the test, but living a much longer life because of the changes you make to your eating habits today, check out Carolyn’s book here:

Healthy eating lifestyle

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