5 Simple Steps to Put the Mediterranean Diet on Your Table

the mediterranean diet food list

A huge nutrition study out of Spain was published in 2013, delivering some wonderful health news. The New England Journal of Medicine offered compelling evidence to prove that the Mediterranean Diet delivered an approximately 30% lower chance of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. Researchers for the Harvard School of Public Health, the Cambridge Health Alliance, the British Medical Journal and others have reported similar findings.

Younger looking and stronger skin, healthy weight loss and improved mental functioning have also been linked to a diet rich in plant foods, vegetables and fruits, the right kinds of fish, good fats and whole grains. These are the basic ingredients the Mediterranean Diet revolves around. So, how do you get the Mediterranean Diet on your team? Put the following 5 simple steps in practice, and your brain, heart and entire body will begin feeling and looking healthy and fit.

2Your mother was right. Eat your veggies!

The heart-healthy and brain-strengthening Mediterranean Diet includes whole grains, whole foods, good fats, fish, fruits, lean healthy meat on a limited basis and natural, high-fiber foods. And all of these are needed for your body to function properly, and at a high level. But vegetables are the food All-Stars which deserve your biggest focus. Make fresh vegetables the biggest part of every meal.


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